Welcome  :Trailwood Lake 
This is a private recreational commuinty located in Bagdad Kentucky onTrailwood Lake

There are lots for sale in our private community if you want the best in fishing and camping you can contact WH Brown at
whbrownpelpls@aol.com or check out the For Sale link.

Trailwood lake is stocked with bass, panfish, and catfish. The lake provides a very quiet and pristine environment of natural beauty.

Note: The Annual Trailwood Lake  will be posted on or before May 26, 2015

We need people to be on the board. If you would like to be considered to fill a vacant spot if and or when it may come open please let the board know. ​​​​

​Trailwood Campground is looking better each day. Thanks to everyone for making our camp look so nice. ​​

​​​​Dues Statements will be mailed out  the third week of February each year.  

​​Keys Remotes and Shirts can bought from Ransom Maddox or Carol Clemons at Trailwood. Call or email Ransom or Carol if you want to buy Keys, Remotes or Shirts to see when they will be at Trailwood.

We have a few new members at Trailwood this year welcome to all new members.

​​Note: The method for taking bids or volunteers to do the work is being updated. Or goal is to keep lot owners informed as much as possible. We will use this web site and the bulletin board to post Trailwood information.  

Since we only meet one time a year please use this web site or the suggestion box located at the entrance building if you think of questions you may have, or to express concerns.  Note: Lot owners can email board members with suggestions or concerns. 

​Thanks Board Of Directors
 Trailwood Lake
Boat Ramp
Our beautiful lake!

Board Members ​:
President  Carol Clemons ..... .859 321 4981.. cjcjuna123@aol.com​
Website administratorKen Augustine. 502 802 1310. (kaugie2@yahoo.com)
Board Member WHBrown 502-682-7711 whbrownpelpls@aol.com​
Treasure Ransom Maddox . 502 803 7721 tammymattox@yahoo.com​
Board Member Hollie Parker 502 803 6079
Board Member Tony Damron 

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Trailwood Lake Lot Owners Annual meeting was held Saturday, May 23 at 10:00 AM at the Ruritan Club next to the roller mill in Bagdad Ky. Agenda and  minutes are posted.  
Question for the board, suggestions, comments, click the question mark
Click link for meeting minutes.
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Trailwood Annual Cleanup
September 12-2015

Thanks to David Hart, Tom Brown, Bob Fugate, Jim Spencer and David Ambach for participating in the Trailwood Annual Cleanup and road brush trimming. The large chair that floated for the last four years is now gone along with many other objects that accumulated from the winds and floods. Actually the winds and floods just moved the lightweight plastic objects and firewood carelessly placed at the waters edge by campers; off the shore and dispersed them around the lake.

Trees overhanging the roads on the right of way easements on both sides of one mile of road have been trimmed up high enough so Hollie Parker and his tractor can cut grass safely, without him leaving a blood trail. If we had more help all the 2.5 miles of roads could have been trimmed. Remember this work has to be done again every year. Any trim work by lot owners would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully our efforts will instill pride of keeping the lake clean and pristine and the roads looking like parkways.

Joe and Pat Venhoff

FYI 2014 annual meeting: Issue was raised about increasing the annual dues to help keep up with the additional cost of maintaining Trailwood. One lot owner (A lot owner made the motion not the board) made a motion to raise the dues $10 a year for the next 5 years. The motion was seconded and all members at the meeting voted yes to the increase. Starting in 2015 the annual dues will be $110 and will increase by $10 for the next 5 years. 
Bass Fishing Tournament
Saturday, October 31, 2015.
Winner: Corky & Big fish 4.11 lb.

FYI. Someone is placing bags of pooh in your potties. They are too large to suck up through our hoses. Last week we found 13 of these bags in one toilet.
They are always in the fist toilet that we pump. We drive through main gate and take an immediate right turn that goes down the hill towards the lake. It's the first toilet we come to.
Sorry for the trouble but maybe you could investigate. They need to go in the dumpster?
NOTICE  TRAILWOOD LOT OWNERS: As you may or may not know Trailwood had a double lot donated to us. Plans are in progress to make our new lot camper friendly. The following items are in the works to improve our lot and have it available for use by Trailwood lot owners: 1) Grill - 2) Fire Pit - 3) Benches - 4) Electric will be available to be used for events such as pot luck dinners, annual gatherings etc. To prevent misuse the electric box will be locked and lot owners will need to schedule in advance for it's use. Guidelines (rules) will be posted at the site. The lot will be for all of use so please help keep it and our Camping area clean.