Welcome  :Trailwood Lake 
This is a private recreational commuinty located in Bagdad Kentucky onTrailwood Lake

There are lots for sale in our private community if you want the best in fishing and camping you can contact WH Brown at
whbrownpelpls@aol.com or check out the For Sale link.

Trailwood lake is stocked with bass, panfish, and catfish. The lake provides a very quiet and pristine environment of natural beauty.

NKeys Remotes and Shirts can bought from JoAnn at Trailwood. Cal or see JoAnn if you want to buy Keys, Remotes or Shirts.

We have a few new members at Trailwood this year welcome to all new members.

​​Note: The method for taking bids or volunteers to do the work is being updated. Or goal is to keep lot owners informed as much as possible. We will use this web site and the bulletin board to post Trailwood information.  

Since we only meet one time a year please use this web site or the suggestion box located at the entrance building if you think of questions you may have, or to express concerns.  Note: Lot owners can email board members with suggestions or concerns. 

​Thanks Board Of Directors

​Aron Hulett 502 873 8686
 Trailwood Lake
Board Members ​:
President:  David hart (Corky) david.hart007@att.net

Board Member Aron Howlett
502 873 8686​

Board Member Nate Jones​ 502 594 2215

Board Member: Hollie Parker 502 803 6079
Treasurer: JoAnn Dove
502 541 6715
Board Member WH Brown​​​​​
502 682 7711
800 588 1449​

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Look this week for minutes from annual meeting. ​​ 
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​​Trailwood Lake Lot Owners Association annual Meeting was held on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 10:00 am. 
Your 2017 dues increased by $10.00 each year for five years. 2018 dues are $140.00 
We have had several members offer their time and expertise to maintain and improve Trailwood free of charge by providing lawn care, roadwork, repairs and clean up. This has enabled us to cut camp expenses and use funds for other costly needs such as the hillside rebuild, more gravel and the new gate. There will be postings in the guard shack at camp of ongoing jobs that need to be done if you’d like to help out. A list of current Trailwood Lake Board of Directors is on this site.
Keep up to date on campground information at our website:
Click for map to camp.
2650 Cedarmore Rd
Bagdad Ky ​
​(State Rd 19
Notice: Send payments and/or correspondence  to:
Trailwood Lake
P.O. Box 4
Bagdad, KY ​ ​​​40003
There is no trash can at boat ramp. (per agreement at annual meeting) Please take trash with you.
This has been an exciting year at our Trailwood Lake. Our Trailwood Fundraiser was a success, the firework show was amazing, many fishing tournaments were won with great fishing stories……and a few fibs. There was a lot of laughter, fun times and tasty s’mores at the fire pits and maybe you were lucky enough to join in at some of the friendly poker nights.

Trailwood needs bids to run electric to shelter on our TrailTrailwood lot.